Rabblecast 650 – Fallout The Series, Road House, The Films of John McTiernan

*Show Note: This episode was originally recorded on April 25th.

Fallout, the popular role playing game from, Bethesda has become a series on Amazon Prime Video! Hernandez takes the dive into the wastelands and relays most of what he found to Doug. We try not to spoil any big story points in the series but we do know that the second season of the show will be heading to a popular in-game location. New Vegas, baby!

We also touch upon the recently release, Road House. Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Daniela Melchior, and Conor McGregor(making his film debut). Does it live up to the original Patrick Swayze film? Maybe the better question is, does it have to live up to the original?

From there we also dive into the film work of, John McTiernan. Nomads, Die Hard, Predator, Medicine Man, The Last Action Hero, and many others. This part of the conversation was inspired by a podcast called, Blank Check. A show that looks at the filmography of successful directors in Hollywood and how their careers turn out after some success and some failures.

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