Rabblecast 651 – Georgia Tann, Ric Flair, Workout Adventures, Late Night with the Devil

*Show Note: This episode was originally recorded on May 2nd.

We start the show with a story out of left field. Hernandez brings us the tale of one, Georgia Tann. Tann was an American social worker and child trafficker who operated the Tennessee Children’s Home Society, an unlicensed adoption agency in Memphis, Tennessee. Her operation ran from the 1920’s until to 1950. One of her countless victims includes a wrestling legend, Ric Flair.

We also share some stories about recent workout adventures. From power lifting to martial arts, we share some personal experiences.

Then, Doug shares his thoughts on a movie. Late Night with the Devil (2023) starring: David Dastmalchian, Laura Gordon, and Ian Bliss. The supernatrual horror film depicts what happens when a late night talk show invites a former cult member onto the show to talk about their experiences.

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