Dragonkeeper captured on Digital and DVD in the summer

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Dragonkeeper is about the last dragon on a quest to not go extinct. Part of this plan includes tracking down a dragon egg that might be under the control of the Emperor. Can it survive with the help of others? The animated film arrives on Digital in July and DVD in August. Here’s the press release from Shout! Studios:

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Bring Home the Animated Epic on Digital July 9, 2024

and on DVD August 27, 2024

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A spellbinding, edge-of-your-seat family adventure based on the acclaimed fantasy novel by Carole Wilkinson, the animated film Dragonkeeper comes to home entertainment formats this summer from Shout! Studios under license from VIVA PICTURES. Fresh off its US theatrical run, this Chinese-Spanish film features the voice talents of Bill Nighy (Love, Actually) and newcomer Mayalinee Griffiths as Ping, the film will be available for digital purchase on all major platforms on July 9, 2024 and on DVD August 27, 2024.

Dragonkeeper is the tale of Ping, a young, orphaned girl with a fiery spirit who frees the last living dragon from captivity. Together they embark on a dangerous journey to recover the last dragon egg, evade the Emperor’s capture and unlock centuries-old secrets that just might save the world.

 About Shout! Studios

Launched in 2003, Shout! Studios is a multiplatform media company specializing in film and TV distribution, development, and production. The company has evolved with the changing entertainment landscape to excel in all forms of content distribution, including theatrical, digital streaming, broadcast and in-flight licensing, physical media, and more. Shout! Studios owns and manages a large portfolio of contemporary and classic feature films, series, animation, and documentaries. The company’s creative acquisition mandate has established it as a leading independent distributor, with partners and properties including Aardman Animations, ALF, The Carol Burnett Show, Stephen J. Cannell Productions, The Johnny Carson Show, the Roger Corman New Horizons Pictures Library, GKIDS, ITV Studios, LAIKA Studios, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (in partnership with creator Joel Hodgson), and Sesame Street, alongside many others. Shout! Kids focuses on live-action and animated kids and family properties including anime, and the company releases genre and horror films and television shows under the Scream Factory imprint. Shout! Studios also produces, acquires, and distributes new films, and operates the acclaimed streaming service Shout! TV and its family of FAST channels. Shout! Studios is based in Los Angeles, California. For more on Shout! Studios, visit ShoutStudios.com

About Viva Pictures:

Viva Pictures Distribution Company, is a distinguished film production studio and distributor, committed to providing world-class family entertainment for global audiences. With its own animation studio based in the Canary Islands and a rich portfolio of animated films, Viva Pictures strives to captivate and engage audiences worldwide, fostering a love for storytelling across all ages. Recently, Viva Pictures ushered the animated indie THE AMAZING MAURICE to Sundance Film Festival and to a wide theatrical release. In 2024, Viva has 5 wide-theatrical releases slated. Viva Pictures also owns Kidsflix, the kid-safe and parent-friendly FAST channel, a destination to stream free movies and TV series. Kidsflix is available on iTunes, Google Play, Roku and on major TV brands worldwide.

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